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IST 1:46 am | 16-Nov-2018

Hyperacusis Causes

Hyperacusis is the term used to describe a decreased tolerance and increased sensitivity to everyday sounds that are not usually thought of as particularly loud or uncomfortable.

Examples of the sounds that people with this condition often report as problematic include children’s screams, the sound of machinery or electrical devices and sharp, high-pitched noises such as car alarms or bus brakes.

The severity of the condition varies, with some individuals reporting mild irritation or discomfort on exposure to certain sounds and others reporting unbearable discomfort and even pain.

In some cases, the aversion to certain sounds means people avoid social and public situations, which can lead to anxiety and social isolation.

cause:The cause of hyperacusis is poorly understood and the precise mechanism behind how the condition develops is often unknown. Some of the possible causes are described in more detail below.

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