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Instruments Used in Surgery

Surgical instruments can be generally divided into five classes by function. These classes are:

1) Cutting instruments and dissecting: scalpels, scissors, saws.

2) Grasping or holding instruments: smooth [anatomical] and toothed [surgical] forceps, towel clamps, vascular clamps, and organ holders.

3) Haemostatic instruments: Kocher’s and Billroth’s clamps, hemostatic “mosquito” forceps, atraumatic hemostatic forceps, Deschamp’s needle, Höpfner’s hemostatic forceps.

4) Retractors:Farabef’s C-shaped laminar hook, blunt-toothed hook, sharp-toothed hook, grooved probe, tamp forceps.

5) tissue unifying instruments and materials: needle holders, surgical needles, staplers, clips, adhesive tapes.


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