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IST 1:38 am | 16-Nov-2018

New framework released to support person-centered approaches for health social care

Skills for Health, Health Education England, and Skills for Care have announced a new Framework to support person-centered approaches for the health and social care workforce.

This approach, outlined in the Five Year Forward View, puts people, families, and communities at the heart of health, care, and wellbeing. It encourages people to speak with staff about what is important to them, helping to develop a shared understanding of what matters to them.

The new framework, commissioned by Health Education England, helps workers communicate meaningfully both verbally and non-verbally, tailoring the care and advice they give to suit peoples’ needs. It supports individuals to better manage their own health and wellbeing through bespoke care, planning, and support. Where appropriate, the framework encourages shared decision making, outlining all reasonable options and ensuring that all information is personalized, accessible and useful.

The framework was informed by health and social care experts and people who are experts by experience, drawing on existing person-centered approaches and applying them to today's health and care landscape.

The value of a person-centered approach is increasingly recognized and for many health and social care workers, engaging in a meaningful way with people and communities is already part of their intrinsic motivation.  This is also seen through practices like health coaching, motivational interviewing, co-production and care and support planning. However, it is often less clear how best to develop the workforce to enable them to put person-centered approaches into practice and to create sustained behavioral change, which is the purpose of this framework.

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